You have the most impact when you’re happiest

You have the most impact when you’re happiest.

Just finished reading Naval’s Almanack and thing the struck me most is the simplicity of its lessons, each loaded with such depth that makes one reflect how much everything is overcomplicated.

One flawless example is the clarity of his “algorithm for success”:

Happiness = Health + Wealth + Good Relationships

Health = Exercise + Diet + Sleep

Exercise = High Intensity + Sports + Rest

Diet = Natural Foods + Fasting + Plants

Sleep = No alarms + 8-9 hours + Circadian rhythms

Wealth = Income + Wealth * ROI

Income = Accountability + Leverage + Specific Knowledge

Accountability = Personal Branding + Personal Platform + Taking risk

Leverage = Capital + People + Intellectual Property

Specific Knowledge = Know something society can’t easily train other people

ROI = Buy-&-Hold + Valuation + Safety Margin

Having impact is changing (someone’s) world. Products do this at scale, leveraging technology to make value accessible and affordable. Personally, this makes me add an extra line to Naval’s algorithm:

Changing the world = (Products you build) * [your] Happiness

You have the most impact when you’re happiest.

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