So what is this?

Hey 👋 my name is Andre and I write and podcast in this newsletter, mostly about product. My focus is zero-to-one product management, aka building and managing products from scratch up until they have traction, are in growth stage and ready to scale further.

In this newsletter, which I try to product content on a weekly basis you will find:

  • Articles I’ve been writing for a few years now (like this, or this, or this)

  • PodDrops, micro-podcast episodes (3-9 minutes) on conversations I have with Product Leaders from companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Outsystems and more.

  • Guests posts, whenever I convince someone to write with me

  • Stories, which I generally post on Linkedin, as I like to try new formats.

🚨 Though an important disclaimer: I write so I can think and develop my own mental models. If sometimes stuff comes out a bit raw, that’s because my thoughts are still early. The fact that others can read is a happy consequence, not the main driver.

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